Behold! It’s that 4k graphics mod for Star Wars Battlefront running in real time!


Star Wars Battlefront is already a great-looking game, but this “real life” mod from YouTuber Jack “jackfrags” Mason turns up the graphics knob to 11 for three and a half minutes of the best (most?) graphics you’ll see this year.

The clip features Battlefront running at 60 frames per second in 4K resolution, so you won’t be able to experience its full majesty unless you’re using a 4K monitor (and have a beefy internet connection to stream the high-bitrate video).

According to the video’s description, jackfrags used a “modified version of SweetFX” to make Battlefront look like this. SweetFX is a set of post-processing shader effects like specialized anti-aliasing and sharpening.


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