Star Wars Battlefront Mod amps ups graphics to near perfect level


A new Star Wars Battlefront PC graphics mod makes the game look better than ever. Coder Martin Bergman, who was also behind a similar mod for Grand Theft Auto V, has released a series of images that show off his work–and it’s stunning. Take a look at some of the images in the gallery below.



2970238-2 2970239-3 2970240-4 2970241-5 2970242-6 2970243-7 2970244-8 2970245-9 2970246-10 2970247-11 Byle6Bi see-star-wars-battlefront-look-even-better-with-toddyhancer-mod-144837322105

These images come from Bergman’s Toddyhancer graphics mod (via Eurogamer), which remains a work-in-progress and is not yet available to the public. You can see dozens more images here on Imgur.


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