Some of the best Star Wars Battlefront plays so far


The Star Wars Battlefront subreddit and YouTube have already churned out some great Battlefront videos. Below are some of the best plays in the game so far!



This dejected chap perks up considerably when he discovers a nest of Rebel scum in a tunnel while playing as Darth Vader (skip to about half-way):

Close-combat needn’t be the limits of Vader’s abilities – even X-Wings can’t escape scot-free:


Silly old X-Wing thought it could get revenge:

The other Heroes and Villains crop up in spectacular videos, too. Here’s Han Solo incredibly taking on a TIE Fighter:

And here’s Boba Fett, in a long video well-worth watching (it’s good quality and features good teamwork and general play), taking on just about everybody:

The most inventive and effective use of the Millennium Falcon Hero ship in Fighter Squadron I’ve seen is it being used as a battering ram to smash other ships out of the sky. Turns outyou can give opposing Villain ship Slave One the same treatment (and check out the score the player gets for it).

While we’re on the topic of flying, here’s an incredible manoeuvre for shaking a missile lock:

The award for inventive use of machinery goes to this person who worked out that you could drive a Speeder into a bunker tunnel on Endor:

The award for best-timed emote goes to this observant Storm Trooper:

And the wooden spoon award goes to this guy for celebrating too early:




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