Voting on PS Plus free games for September starts this Thursday


Sony has announced the first games that will take part in its PlayStation Plus Vote to Play feature are Armello, Grow Home, and Zombie Vikings.

We learned about the Vote to Play feature a few weeks ago which will allows PlayStation Plus members the ability to vote on one of three PlayStation 4 games for the following month’s PS Plus game lineup. The game with the most votes will automatically be included in September’s free games lineup while the other two will receive a discount for PS Plus members.

Voting starts on August 13 and ends August. In order to vote, PS Plus members would need to log into their PlayStation 4 to access the Vote to Play feature located under What’s New, Notifications, or visit the PS Plus section of the PlayStation Store.

Sony says there will be more events in the future, although we hope this becomes a regular monthly feature. Not only do we appreciate knowing what games may be available for free for the following month, but we also like having the power in our hands as to what game is added to the following month’s free games lineup.

Source: Shacknews


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