Titanfalls DLC is now completely free on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for a limited time


The three downloadable map packs released for Respawn Entertainment’s futuristic first-person shooter Titanfall are currently free on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

While there’s no official announcement yet about the generous giveaway of Titanfall’s DLC from Microsoft, Electronic Arts or Respawn, it seems the free DLC may be related to the game’s one-year anniversary. Titanfall was released on March 11, 2014 for Xbox One and Windows PC.

Xbox One owners can download the add-on packs — IMC RisingFrontier’s Edgeand Expedition — individually for free from the Xbox Games Store or grab the Titanfallseason pass for $0.00. Xbox 360 owners can download each pack — IMC RisingFrontier’s Edge and Expedition — for free as well, but the previous generation version’s season pass is still listed at $24.99.

It appears that the 100 percent discount on Titanfall DLC doesn’t apply to the Windows PC version of the game at this stage. EA’s Origin lists each add-on for $9.99 and is selling the Titanfall season pass for $24.99.

Source: Polygon


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