Zyngas next iPhone game doesn’t actually look rubbish….yet


Zynga’s mobile games aren’t lookers. FarmVille, Words with Friends and the like prioritise addictive, microtransaction-fuelled gameplay over graphics. Dawn of Titans, though, looks a little different.

Dawn of Titans is a new high fantasy strategy game in which players lead Titans into battles with thousands of soldiers.

It looks a bit like a cross between Creative Assembly’s Total War and Supercell’s Clash of Clans. You build your kingdom to fuel an army then fight battles to capture territory.

Let’s point out now that Dawn of Titans is developed by British game maker NaturalMotion, the studio behind CSR Racing. Zynga bought Natural Motion for $527m last year, and Dawn of Titans is its first game in what it calls the “mobile action strategy” category.

The video, below, features in-game graphics from the iPhone 6 version. You swipe the screen to direct your troops, which include archers, pike men, militia, warriors and the Titans, in real-time.


The game is built on Echo, Dawn of Titan’s proprietary engine. NaturalMotion said it features thousands of units on-screen and runs smoothly on mobile devices. You can also see the company’s Morpheme animation engine in action.

Dawn of Titans is expected to launch globally later this year on mobile devices.

Source: Eurogamer



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