Counter Strike Tournament with $250k prize pool set to be the worlds biggest


eSports giant ESL is making preparations to host what it is calling the “world’s largest” Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament, with as much as $250,000 on offer in prize money.

The tournament is part of a partnership agreement between ESL and custodians of the Lanxess arena in Cologne. The event will run from August 22-23, taking place a few weeks after Gamescom.

ESL’s description of the event being the “world’s largest” is based on its assumption that it will allure enough people to the stadium, which can seat at least 15,000 people.

On four occasions in the past two years, the ESL has held Counter-Strike tournaments with $250,000 on offer in cash prizes. Recently the eSport has been plagued by claims of match fixing, with Valve initiatingsweeping bans to numerous teams and individuals.

The full $250,000 this year will be provided by the ESL. Finer details of tournament structure and qualifying rules will be announced at a later date, but ESL says the tournament will feature 16 finalists.

Source: Gamespot


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