Capcom 2015 Pro Tour announced


Capcom has announced the 2015 Pro Tour! Following it’s successful inaugural event last year, Capcom has decided to continue the yearly Pro Tour, this time by upping the ante.

Below you can see a full chronological order of the schedule being offered up for the tour, as well as the regions, countries and event types of each stop on the tour.

Date Event Name Type Region Country
Mar 20 – 22 Final Round Premier NA USA
Apr 03 – 05 NorCal Regionals Premier NA USA
Apr 04 – 05 Hypespotting 4 Premier EU Scotland
May 01 – 03 Socal Regionals Premier NA USA
May 22 – 24 Stunfest Premier EU France
Jun 19 – 21 South East Asia Major Premier ASIA Thailand
Jun 26 – 28 CEO Premier NA USA
Jul 17 – 19 Evolution Premier WILD USA
Sep 17 – 20 Mad Catz Tokyo Game Show Premier ASIA Japan
Sep 24 – 26 KO Fighting Game Festival Premier WILD Kuwait
Oct TBD Canada Cup Premier WILD Canada
Oct 08 – 12 Brazil Game Show Premier WILD Brazil
Oct 23 – 25 Milan Games Week Premier EU Italy
Nov 13 – 15 Capcom Pro Tour Asia Finals Premier ASIA Singapore
Nov 26 – 29 Dreamhack Winter Premier EU Sweden
TBD TBD Japan Premier Event Premier ASIA Japan

Looks like Capcom is putting $500,000 on the line this year, which is pretty exciting considering this is only the tour’s second year in service.

Source: Shacknews


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