Inevitably, Star Citizen reaches $70m in funding


Cloud Imperium Games have passed a major new milestone for PC space sim Star Citizen. The project, already the most successful crowdfunded project in history, has now reached a $70 million, up from $69 million just two weeks ago.

More than 734,700 people have contributed to the game’s funding, which is up from 717,000 people two weeks earlier. Star Citizen’s crowdfunding effort still has a ways to grow, according to Roberts, who said previously that he envisions the campaign reaching $100 million some day.

In other Star Citizen news, Cloud Imperium Games yesterday released version 1.0.1 of Arena Commander, a multiplayer-focused piece of Star Citizen where players can battle each other in a variety of modes. Cloud Imperium Games also release a new trailer for Arena Commander, which you can watch above.

Cloud Imperium Games says 1.0.1 is primarily a bug fix and game balance patch, addressing issues ranging from ship balancing to missile damage to UI legibility. You can find the complete patch notes here.

Source: Gamespot

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