Looks Like Microsoft Wants to Buy Mojang

In a report made today by The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is in “serious negotiations” to buy Mojang, the Swedish developer responsible for Minecraft, in a deal reported to be estimated at more than $2 billion.

Notch, co-founder and the man behind the Minecraft series, has always been proud of Mojangs independence, even turning down a job at Valve in 2010 so he could continue with the development of Minecraft. In an Interview with Reuters, he was quoted as saying “We’ve always felt that the independence we have is one of our core strengths. We can take decisions by going into a room and in 15 minutes we’re done. We try to be extremely agile, to release games quickly.”

Last year, Mojang earned over $300 million in revenue. When asked about the deal, Microsoft responded with the famous old ditty “We don’t comment on rumors or speculation.”