Twitch implements Youtube-style blocking system for copyrighted audio

twitchIn a move that will surely cause some groans among their extensive user-base, Twitch have recently implemented a Youtube-style blocking system for pre-recorded content. Any recorded and archived video will now be scanned for audio owned by third party copyright holders, and will automatically mute portions of these videos.

Users of Twitch will now have to be more vigilant in the audio implemented into their recordings. For now, however, the system will not be implemented into live broadcasts. It is currently limited to pre-recorded videos on demand.

Regarding the issue, Twitch have commented on a recent blog post;

“If you believe that your video has been flagged improperly and that you have cleared the rights to all of the sound recordings in your uploaded video, then we will consider unmuting your video if you send us a counter-notification that is compliant with the provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (‘DMCA’).”


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