Resident Evil is being remastered for a current-gen release

1525466_820664694621086_6718865647861472655_nWhile fans of Capcom’s Resident Evil series are still to this day crying out for a revisit to the seminal survival-horror epic Resident Evil 2, Capcom are currently gearing up to throw us all a pacifier in the meantime; 2002’s Gamecube epic Resident Evil is set to receive a full current-gen upgrade.

While basically being an update of a remake of the original 1996 inaugural entry into the franchise, Capcom are promising far more than just slightly higher-resolution textures and an inflated price tag. According to series Producer Tatsuya Kitabayashi, the game has been meticulously dissected and recreated with nearly every single asset in the game receiving the spitshine treatment. Not only that, but Capcom have been incredibly careful in preserving everything that made the REmake such an incredible experience in the first place. Game mechanics and atmosphere have been preserved in order to provide a truly authentic update, according to Capcom that is.

Resident Evil is set for release on all current gen platforms (bar Wii U) in 2015. A solid release date will be provided soon.

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