First pic of Charlie Brooker as a Nazi in Sniper Elite 3 emerge


The first images have been published showing English TV presenter and critic Charlie Brooker starring as a German field officer in Sniper Elite 3.

The Newswipe presenter visited Oxford-based developer Rebellion in April to have his voice and likeness captured for the shooter, reportsThe Guardian.

image_321980_fit_940 image_321981_fit_940

However, although Brooker’s voice will appear throughout the game via a series of radio recordings, his likeness will only appear in a mission unlocked only for those who pre-order the game.

It is likely that this content will be made available to all Sniper Elite 3 owners in the future.

Charlie Brooker is a veteran of the video games industry, having written for magazine PC Zone and presented various documentaries related to gaming on UK television.

In a foreshadowing to his game appearance, Brooker wrote a Guardian column in 2013 titled expressing his unhealthy obsession with sniping games.

He wrote: “It’s taken a while to admit this to myself, but it’s true: I will never tire of hiding in the mountains, blowing people’s heads off from a distance with a high-velocity rifle.

“I enjoy sniping more than I enjoy leaping onto platforms, collecting stars, discovering treasure chests or any of that other bullshit videogames force you to do when they’re not letting you assassinate anonymous strangers on the horizon, which is what God wants videogames to do. It’s why He invented them.”

Sniper Elite 3 is set to release on June 27 in Europe and July 1 in North America for PS4, Xbox One, PC and last-gen consoles.

Source: CVG


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