Donate a goat to a developing country by buying 2 goat games


The act of developers giving away their games for charity is nothing new, but this is certainly an interesting example.

Games for Goats is a three-way deal organised by non-profit charity Heifer International, Goat Simulator maker Coffee Stain Studios and Escape Goat 2 studio MagicalTimeBean.

As part of the deal, if players donate $20 or more to Heifer through its special Games for Goats page, they’ll get free Steam keys for both Goat Simulator and Escape Goat 2.

Heifer International specialises in sending animals to families in developing countries and giving them agricultural training so they can create their own farms and sustain themselves with milk, eggs and what have you.

One goat costs $120, but if you think that’s a bit out of your price range the minimum donation starts at $20, which is enough for Heifer to send some “clucking goats” (a.k.a chickens) instead.

It’s a win-win situation, really. You get to play Goat Simulator and Escape Goat 2: and let me tell you, of all the goat games I’ve ever played, these are definitely two of them.

Meanwhile, a family in Zambia, Bangladesh, Malawi, Southern Ghana or any of the other places Heifer works will get their own real-life goat (or chicken or camel or whatever you choose to donate) to help them in their lives.

Go on, do it for the kids. And by ‘kids’ I mean both those in the aforementioned families and the young goats being sent to them.

Source: CVG


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