Ireland’s bitSmith Games begin Kickstarter funding for FranknJohn

348464c9df9506d127e07d369249dbe1_largeIn the last few days, Ireland’s very own bitSmith Games have begun their Kickstarter campaign to fund their upcoming title, FranknJohn. As described by bitSmith themselves:

“FranknJohn is a roguelike smash ‘em up in a fun-house full of B-Movie horrors. Young FranknJohn is a failed experiment of a deranged scientist, Dr Harmin. He wakes with no memory, bursting from his grave, with a head that can only stay on his body with the help of a chain. FranknJohn is far from helpless however, as his flaw becomes his strength – he can swing his head wildly round to smash away the plethora of strange creatures that roam the mansion. “

Currently sitting at just under £4,820 of the £30,000 target with 34 days to go, things are looking promising. You can head on over to the Kickstarter page in order to see more about the game, or even pledge for yourself.


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