Watch Dogs review Round-up


  • CVG9/10 – Forget speculation about textures and framerates – Watch Dogs is a bona fide next-gen proposition with a wonderfully told tale at its heart.
  • GamesRadar4/5 – The story is unlikely to keep you logged in, and the missions will often feel annoyingly familiar, but if you connect with and really explore this high-tech world, there are plenty of virtual–and emotional–rewards to harvest.
  • PC Gamer87/100: When it deviates from the familiar it really soars: hacking the city of Chicago and all its cameras, utilities, and communications is freeing and fun, and invading the games of unsuspecting players is an unusual and welcome thrill.
  • Eurogamer7/10: You won’t regret the time you spend in Aiden Pearce’s world, but nor will it be saved as a precious memory when you reboot.
  • Joystiq4/5: I’m not knocking the crazy wealth of content here, just that some of it is either too disruptive to the game’s pacing, or shouldn’t have made it through the “Is this relevant to our game?” filter.
  • GameSpot8/10: I can confidently say that Watch Dogs is a lushly produced and riotous game with an uncanny ability to push you from one task to the next, each of which is just as fun as the last.
  • Polygon8/10: Other games have nailed a better balance in optional activities and large-scale ambiance, including other games from Ubisoft Montreal itself. But when Watch Dogs focuses on the things it does better than anyone else, it finds an identity worth developing. As a hybrid open-world stealth-action game, it’s in a class by itself.
  • IGN8.4/10 – Watch Dogs is an excellent open-world action game with some unique hacking-magic that makes it a memorable game.
  • Metro7/10 – The story and characters are not very interesting. The game as a whole lacks personality and mission design often lacks inspiration. Graphics are not as good as originally implied.
  • Digital Spy4/5 – After an opening act bogged down by tutorials and dodgily scripted story sequences, Watch Dogs removes the shackles, takes some chances and begins to live up to its own hype.
  • Game Informer85/100 – The main draw of any open-world game is the gameplay, and while not perfect, Watch Dog’s hacking abilities add an engaging and unique twist to the third-person action.
  • ForbesNo score – Aiden Pearce is just a character meant to sell cool looking hats in collector’s editions. Perhaps that can be rectified in a sequel, but for now, Pearce is pretty big issue, and so is his propensity to kill people in boring, cover-based shooter-y ways.

Source: CVG


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