Watch Dogs reputation system


Chicago’s citizens will react differently to Aiden Peace based on his actions, and not just when he’s intervening in an assault or gunning down police officers.

Developers working on Watch Dogs told the UbiBlog about how the game’s reputation system will let the city reflect Aiden’s choices without boiling down to simple morality tests.

“The reputation system isn’t really a good-versus-bad kind of system,” lead writer Kevin Shortt said. “We really wanted it to just be the citizens reflecting back on you and what you’re doing so that you think about it more. The game doesn’t suddenly tilt one way if you get a bad reputation. It doesn’t make it exponentially harder. It should just make you consider your actions and what you’re doing.”

For example, if Aiden has been raising hell around town, a citizen who sees him stealing a car won’t think twice about calling the cops. But if he’s been a benevolent vigilante, the citizen may decide he’s justified and look the other way.

Reports on Aiden Pearce will show up on TV sets throughout the game no matter how he behaves, but based on his reputation they will change from cautiously optimistic investigations to damning manhunts.

Still, not all questionable acts will affect Aiden’s reputation – his hacking skills let him slip unnoticed into the bank accounts and other personal information of passers by, for example, leaving what he does with that information entirely up to the player.

Source: CVG


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