Bethesda Compensates The Elder Scrolls Online Players With Free Time


Recently Bethesda and The Elder Scrolls Online developer ZeniMax Online Studios postponed its 1.0.6 patch dealing partly with gold farmers. Now the company has posted extensive notes about its patch plans.

The developer is pushing weekly updates as well as Update 1 (coming at some point), which features the first adventure zone, Craglorn, fixes desynched quests, and more.

The post over at the game’s official blog also gives a list of items for future updates and patches that are “under active development right now,” but which aren’t assigned to a particular update nor have a release date. The post did say that all of the fixes, features, etc. are expected “over the next few months.”

Finally, to compensate players for having to take the megaservers offline to deal with some of the game’s problems, ZeniMax is giving all players who have an active account by 8 p.m. Eastern and who’ve started their 30 days of included game time five free days.

Head over to the official blog post to see a full list of what’s in store for the game

Source: Gameinformer


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