Child of Light review round up


  • GamesRadar4.5/5 – Child of Light is many things: a fantastic, engaging RPG that doesn’t overstay its welcome; a game with incredible art design and an equally impressive soundtrack; a virtual fairy tale whose characters are cool with sacrificing clarity so long as doing so means pulling off a sick rhyme. (I jest, it’s endearing, really.) It’s a memorable, creative experience that’s more than worthy of the asking price.
  • Polygon6.5 – I finished Aurora’s tale wanting more, wondering what might be there below the surface that Ubisoft Montreal is content to only scratch. That’s the problem with Child of Light, ultimately. It’s a beautiful, familiar trip evoking stories I’ve heard and places I’ve imagined before. But it’s all so ephemeral – less than a day after finishing it, I can already feel my memories of my time in Lemuria and the characters I met there drifting away.
  • OXM8/10 – An accomplished intertwining of robust mechanics, beautiful aesthetics and delicate storytelling make this a game not to be missed, but a slight shallowness stops it just short of brilliance.
  • Eurogamer8/10 – Child of Light stands as a wonderfully realised venture into unfamiliar territory for Ubisoft – and a welcome reminder that the industry’s major players still have the creative flair to push beyond the lucrative safe ground that they so often favour to create well-crafted, highly-polished gems such as this.
  • Edge5/10 – It may be designed for families, but Child Of Light is too cluttered and too slow to hold the attention of lone players, let alone multiple generations sharing a sofa. Bickering over whether to spend a skill point on a couple more magic points or a minor damage buff isn’t much of a family pursuit, after all. It’s a game that, for all the intricacy of its systems and the charm of its painterly world, feels oddly empty.
  • Xbox Achievements80 – Ubisoft Montreal has conjured a fairy tale world that you’ll enjoy spending time in, a text-based RPG adventure with its own line in rhyming. Child of Light is a glorious game, short and yet sweet, memorable, gorgeous; an incredible feat. And for the small price you’ll be paying, Child of Light is definitely more than worth playing. So buy it.
  • Digital Spy4/5 – Its few missteps, like the occasionally awkward lines of dialogue, come about as a result of its ambition and dedication to creating an interactive fairy tale rounded out with an intricate and satisfying combat system. It is a blending of genre and style that is an unexpected treat, and already one of the year’s role-playing game highlights.

Source: CVG


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