Sweden want to promote Democracy through gaming


Sweden is making attempts to promote democracy and creativity through a project called Democreativity, which curates ideas for “the most unlikely game ever.”

According to the website’s description, the project crowd-sources ideas from the public and lets site visitors vote on what they like best. While the organizers of Democreativity won’t make the games themselves, they would like to see game developers use the site’s curated suggestions as a resource.

The site has a section where visitors can pitch their own ideas for game environments, characters and victory states. Examples of suggestions that have been voted to the top include game environments inspired by Ancient Mesopotamia, the human body and a normal-sized house where you play as a mouse.

Democreativity received more than 500 suggestions during its four-week submission period. Participants came from more than 126 countries. Some of the key insights gathered included a desire to see abstract and unidentified characters in games, non-violent gameplay and fantastical environments.

“Democreativity focuses on different creative expressions and helps give a voice to all ideas, just as democracy gives a voice to all people,” the project’s site reads. “Democreativity wants to inspire both players and creators by exploring the world of games beyond media headlines and bestseller charts.”

The project organizers “hope to see several games produced,” and they will be posted to the Democreativtiy website.

Source: Polygon


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