Trials Fusion Review Round Up


  • CVG8/10 – While RedLynx’s balance may be a little off this time around, it’s still provided a near-perfect platform for you to demonstrate yours.
  • OXM8/10 – It’s currently missing much of the content that will make it great – online multiplayer, and user-created tracks. But an Xbox One Trials fills a crucial gap in the next-gen lineup.
  • Edge8/10 – The spotty polish suggests that, even with Ubisoft’s help, a simultaneous multiformat launch was too great a reach. But when Fusion gets things right, it does so in a way that only a Trials game can, dissolving the connection between player and bike so directly as to suggest no distinction at all.
  • GamesRadar4/5 – Trials Fusion attempts to do something different with an established formula–and while you shouldn’t give it points for trying, the perpetually fun gameplay makes it so that you won’t have to.
  • Joystiq4/5 – With a few smart and unobtrusive tweaks to its thorny heart, Trials Fusion nails its balance between purity and cruelty. The primal pleasures of Trials live on and into the future, leaning forward just a tad.
  • Eurogamer8/10 – Trials Fusion is still a supremely enjoyable game, but it takes very few risks in its desire to stand the test of time, preferring to adopt the neutrality of a platform holder and stick to things that worked well in Evolution.
  • Polygon6.5/10 – There’s no question that the core Trials gameplay within Trials Fusion remains fun. But the host of missing features and bad design choices make it a significant step backwards after Evolution and for the franchise.
  • SixthAxis9/10 – Trials Fusion continues the tradition of finely balanced frustration and joy that always made previous games in the series so compelling.
  • VideoGamer9/10 – Fusion lives up to its name. Perhaps it wasn’t intended, but as a melding of the established template and something just new enough, RedLynx’s creation is a wonderful thing.
  • NowGamer7.5/10 – It’s still a great game all the same – of course it is, it’s Trials – but it’s hard to ignore the game’s familiarity. If anything this is the ultimate version, though; now on next-gen and with an intricate Create mode to sustain its life over the entire generation. Until the next one is released, anyway.
  • Digital Spy4/5 – Trials Fusion may not make as far of an evolutionary leap forward as its predecessor, but that doesn’t make it any less worthy a successor to the Trials name.

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