EA’s MOBA Dawngate enters community beta


The community beta for Electronic Arts’ multiplayer online battle arena game,Dawngate is live and accepting registrations, according to its official website.

Those interested in participating in the beta can register for an account and download the game via the website. New skins, ward skins and announcer packs will be rolled out to the game in the coming weeks.

“We wanted Dawngate to look and feel like a true MOBA experience, but add something fresh and new to the core design by offering a flexible Meta to gameplay,” lead producer on Dawngate Dave Cerra said in statement. “We feel that giving players the freedom to tailor each Shaper’s role to their own personal play style makes a powerful impact in the overall experience and sets Dawngate apart.”

Dawngate’s gameplay features two teams of five Shapers, two lanes and a jungle expanse. It also introduces economy-based objectives, such as Spirit Wells to “create a new strategic landscape.” Players can earn loot drops from their allies and foes in the form of Blessings, which are awarded for teamwork and sportsmanship.

PAX East attendees can get hands-on with Dawngate this week at the friendly competition PC Room where the Waystone Games development team will be in attendance. The official launch of the online graphic novel, The Dawngate Chronicles, will take place at the convention featuring artist Nicholas Kole.

Source: Polygon


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