Elder Scrolls Online staggering stats



As Elder Scrolls Online prepares to launch tomorrow, ZeniMax Online has released some stats to show that even though it’s an MMO, it’s still an Elder Scrolls game at heart. That means lots to see and do, characters to meet, and of course, books to read.


The infographic on the Bethesda Blog boasts that you can meet 10,202 non-player characters, and read 2,235 books, and pick up 61 million items or 40,656,000 weapons. The number of character variations is so big it needs to be expressed through a math equation. And if for some reason you wanted to hit the level cap in the most inefficient way possible, the chart notes you’d have to kill 119,050 mudcrabs to reach level 50.

This is littered among slightly less surprising stats, like the number of beta registrations (5 million) or the cups of coffee ZeniMax went through (162,784). You just don’t launch a game without breaking a few beans.


Source: Shacknews


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