World Of Tanks to get big graphical improvement



World of Tanks is getting a comprehensive update in 2014. Developer has already outlined its plans for the free-to-play shooter’s physics package, and this latest developer diary shows what is in store for the graphics.

World of Tanks launched in North America in 2011, at a time when its models had to account for lower-performing PCs. The graphics upgrade will introduce tank models ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 polygons — where tank models had about 8,000 polygons at launch.

The dev diary presents a detailed look at how this level of, well, detail is supported. Essentially, artists create an ideal tank model — something far beyond normal capacity — and then in post-production the model will be optimized to a point where current technology is able to process it.

See this dev diary from February for more on the game’s physics upgrades and other refinements. The series is playable on PC, and a version for Xbox 360 launched in early February.


Source: Polygon


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