Let there be Life, serene gardening sim, that’s actually good



Indie game Let There Be Life presents players with a challenge the exact opposite of what they may be used to; instead of killing or defeating an enemy, Let There Be Life wants you to focus on growing a beautiful tree while nurturing the flora growing beneath its branches. Appropriate for the first weekend of spring, no?

Created by husband-and-wife team Backward pieS as part of the 2013 Get Into Games Challenge presented by Edge Online, Let There Be Life is a puzzle game of sorts, though you won’t find any colored tiles or gems to swap here. Instead, players need to attach branches to their tree in a way that still allows enough sunlight to reach the flowers below. If the flowers lose their sunlight, they die, and players must rebuild their tree.

Mushrooms, on the other hand, act just the opposite: they need shade in order to grow, and once they reach maximum size, they can be used to heal any dying flowers. Woodpeckers and butterflies also dot the game screen as cosmetic upgrades meant to give your tree a better sense of life.

You can calm your mind and start creating your own happy trees for $7.99 when you purchase the game from the Backward pieS website.


Source: Joystiq


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