1 Million Gamer Score on Xbox Live has been reached



Raymond Cox – or Stallion83 as he’s known on Xbox Live, Twitter and Twitch – has reached a level of gamer previously thought unobtainable. We’ve seen gamers, even Super Gamers. Cox showed us back in August 2011 what it looked like when a Super Gamer ascended pasta Super Gamer – or, you could just call it a Super Gamer 2. But this … this is to go evenfurther beyond. This is one million Gamerscore.

Cox hit the one million mark at approximately 2:35 a.m. EST, March 13, 2014, after completing a game of Titanfall. His score has to be verified with Guinness to be recorded as the official highest Gamerscore, but considering Cox broadcast his … uh, achievement to the world on Twitch, it’s unlikely there’s any sort of shadiness going on here. Congrats, Raymond!


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