Xbox One Twitch App broadcasts at higher quality than PS4



It looks like broadcasting to Twitch might be better on Xbox One than PlayStation 4.

Canny Reddit user rotj ran Microsoft spokesperson Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hryb’s recent stream of Plants versus Zombies: Garden Warfare through the Twitch Analyser, which determined the Xbox One Twitch output is of a greater resolution than that of PlayStation 4.

Major Nelson’s stream was broadcast at a resolution of 1280×720, while Twitch streams on PlayStation 4 weigh in at 960×540. Both platforms output at 30fps.

Additionally, Xbox One Twitch streaming will not broadcast audio from Party Chat, and streamers can see chat and viewer statistics without them being displayed on the stream.

The Xbox One will also allow streamers to archive their streams, which is a much-requested bit of functionality the PS4 currently lacks.

Twitch streaming on Xbox One will roll out with the platform’s March update, which promises to improve, among other things, the Party Chat experience. Microsoft is making no secret about the fact that it’s implementing these features to make way for the launch of Titanfall on March 11.


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