Blizzard Release new Heroes of the Storm video. Get Excited



Blizzard has released a new video of its upcoming MOBA Heroes of the Storm, with commentary by game director (and former StarCraft II balancing expert) Dustin Browder.

The 17 minute match–games of Heroes of the Storm are said to be much shorter than in, say, League of Legends and Dota 2–involves two teams of Blizzard testers on the revamped Dragon Shire map, with both teams vying for control over the incredibly powerful Dragon Knight.

Also shown in action are some of the game’s more esoteric skin options: a glam rocker version of the Elite Tauren Chieftain, hook-throwing Stitches in a chef’s outfit, and a mech version of StarCraft hero Tassadar all feature.

The video is also another chance to take a look at Abathur, the intriguing specialist unit that can’t attack other units directly but can temporarily turn himself into any allied character with his ultimate ability.

One of the ways Heroes of the Storm separates itself from its genre stablemates by sharing experience points across the whole team, instead of having players level up independently.

Heroes of the Storm is currently in alpha, and anyone interested can currently opt-in for a chance to eventually play the game when it comes out. There’s no official release date. Fingers crossed for 2014, then.


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